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Full Voice

We LOVE Full Voice. It is such a fun way to approach Music Theory.  From learning rhythms, pitch, ear training and so much more! These books make theory feel like a breeze.

FULL VOICE Music is a small (but fierce) educational publishing company in Canada. We specialize in vocal music and teaching resources for young singing students. We believe that voice lessons for young singers should be creative and exploratory – setting the foundation for years of joyous singing.

Our team has decades of professional teaching and performance experience. We partner with education specialists and children’s music composers to create fun and educational resources that inspire happy singing. In addition, our podcast, blog, and training workshops offer exciting professional development for teachers.

After 20 years of ongoing research and development, FULL VOICE Music resources are enjoyed in teaching studios, choirs and classrooms worldwide.

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The Faber series offers all the elements required for being a well rounded pianist.  You will receive all the technical requirements to succeed as a musician while also building strong musicality as the books provide many opportunities to get creative!

PIANO ADVENTURES is the teaching method of choice at leading university programs and music studios around the world. This student-centered approach uses analysis, creativity, and expression to develop a “musical mind and heart.” The delightful, pianistic pieces and creative theory pages, combined with an outstanding technical approach encourage practice and progress—with adventure!

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