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Hello! My name is Mary Ribotti. Creative movement has always been a constant in my life. From dance competitions, theatre camps, practicing different branches of yoga for 7 years and being both a dancer and assistant choreographer in my high school musicals (Annie and Grease) - I can’t get enough. Despite being born with a heart condition and the fears associated with being a little bit different in my gym classes growing up, creative movement has always helped me through it. I couldn’t imagine life without it- I remember always hoping a talent agent would be at the grocery store to catch a glimpse of my pirouettes down the dairy aisle...although I remain humbly undiscovered, my passion remains fierce. In tandem with my love of movement is my love of the psyche. I’ve studied human psychology in post secondary school and it’s left me with an even bigger itch for adventure and loving my life.. I moved out to Alberta in 2017 and my family knew before that the west would steal my heart.

In 2019, after suffering a stroke and losing my balance I was suddenly set back from my passion. I lost energy, focus and motivation. However, it wasn’t an option for me to not recover, movement is the way I express myself. Now, one year later not only am I walking in a straight line again but I’m dancing, advancing my yoga skills, and taking every opportunity to not let life pass me by. Prancing through the Rocky Mountains and discovering what meditation, journaling, being physically active and insightful is too sweet to pass up and I love nothing more than sharing that feeling and seeing people light up as they discover more about themselves and their passion.

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