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Jenn is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Masters in Music. She has trained extensively in voice (classical, pop, rock, jazz), acting (theatre, film and TV) and dance (jazz and ballet). Jenn has performed internationally with Brit Floyd: The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute and Classic Albums Live. Here in Canada she has been seen onstage with Junkyard Symphony, Drayton Entertainment, Stage West Calgary, Victoria Playhouse and the Canadian Opera Company.

Jenn began singing at the tender age of 8, was a member of The York Region Children’s Chorus and later, the Mendelssohn Youth Choir. In her teenage years and early 20’s, Jenn fronted several indie rock bands (Uncle Seth, The Hoolie Snatch) and worked as a session vocalist on multiple indie and commercial albums. Her classical training, expansive range, and ability to switch effortlessly between genres gave her the edge she needed to make a name for herself in the business.

Jenn began teaching privately in 2002 and has had the privilege of guiding dozens of students through the fascinating world of singing, guitar and piano.  Having had quite a dramatic and often tumultuous journey with her own instrument, Jenn has had the pleasure of deep diving into the intricacies of the voice and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of vocal health, technique, expression and performance all while staying true to the singers natural voice. Any singer struggling with vocal dysfunction will find a safe and nurturing space in Jenn’s studio while they work together to overcome the problems (physical and mental) associated with vocal injury.

Jenn is also a passionate yoga teacher and often brings body work and meditation into the lessons with fantastic results.  Jenn believes that the voice is as unique and beautiful as the body that comes with it and that we all have a singer that lives inside of us waiting to be discovered.








White Feather

Mary Alderson,

Entertain This Thought

“Jennifer Kee brings the house down with Dusty Springfield’s Son of a Preacher Man, and later gives an amazing interpretation of Janis Joplin singing Me and Bobby McGee. Kee’s voice has just the right power and huskiness to emulate the superstars”.

Jeff Jones


 Markham Review

“Whether it’s a Broadway show tune, an operatic aria or wailing on Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig in the Sky”, hearing her sing is an experience that is simply not to be missed”


[On Great Gig in the Sky]


“I've watched a lot of versions by a lot of different vocalists. Most don't have enough soul or the right tone or they take too many liberties with the melody and stray too much from the version on the original recording. This version brought me to tears”

MORE Reviews and Testimonial:


"As a punk (female) vocalist a lot of my issue in experimentation lies in technique and more personally, range ability. Working with Jenn over a short period of time gave me helpful and constructive insight into proper vocal workouts that physically and mentally prepared my voice for a wide range of practice. Jenn was able to listen to my interests and inquiries and facilitate a structured lesson plan that helped to push me to learn, inspire me to practice and keep me consistent with my efforts. The result was a more focused goal set for the future of my performances and a heightened Confidence in info I'd previously lacked including theory, applied theory and performance readiness”

Kris Rose, former student


“Jenn was one of the most influential music teachers I've ever had. One specific memory I have is walking into a lesson, and she's sitting with a guitar in her lap. She begins to belt out the chorus to Me and Bobby McGee. She asked me if I had ever listened to Janis Joplin before and she could tell I had similar tones in my voice and could see my potential to grow and try something new. This was when she encouraged me to play guitar - the best decision I ever made! Each lesson was always new and exciting. Jennifer taught me amazing techniques and exercises to strengthen my voice, while helping me to find my sound as an artist. She would always come into a lesson with a contagious energy and ideas to help me grow musically. I will always recommend her. Thanks for everything, Jenn!”

-Alexa Kay, former student


I have had the honour of knowing Jenn Kee close to my entire life. I have had the honour of watching her study, apply, maintain and expand on her wild talent, vast vocal theory, technique, stage presence and dedicated, unyielding love for music. I have had the opportunity watch her tour the world, build her teaching practice and in short, I’ve gotten to watch her tear the house down and light the crowd on fire countless times over. Jenn is a teacher who practices what she preaches, understands what professional vocalists require and she is a person who gives so generously. Trust me, you will be amazed by what Jenn finds in you and for you. I have sung my whole life and after my first lesson I was singing with a freedom and comfort I haven’t found for decades. Jenn is a star.

--Kimberly O’Connor, student 2014 to 2018

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