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          Bailey Dalton is a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts and a Triple Threat performer. At Randolph, she was trained extensively in voice, acting, dance (musical theatre, jazz, tap, ballet) and theory.

Bailey has been involved in music since she was born. She grew up singing as well as playing guitar and piano in her father’s band and continued to pursue her passion through musical theatre in high school and post-secondary.

After graduating, Bailey found a real love for teaching the Arts. She feels there is nothing better than passing her passion on to others. Hearing her students finally hit that high C or play their piece in perfect time is so rewarding.

Bailey started teaching out of her home studio for 3 years as well as at Brantford Collegiate Institute as their Specialized High Skills Major Musical Director for 3 years and is in now in her 3rd consecutive year at Elite Music Academy. Bailey works Theatre Ancaster as a choreographer for their Stage 3 Program and as

Music Director for their summer camp.  She also runs Elite Music

Academy's Musical Theatre program in

the complicity of Producer, Choreographer and Director.  Bailey

also choreographs for Ancaster High's Musical Theatre Program.

With every new student, Bailey likes to start the class finding

out what the student wants to get out of their music lessons.

It is most important for Bailey that her students leave the class

feeling good about his or her work and enjoy what they are

learning. Every class is different as each student is unique

and has their own goals. Bailey feels it is her job to ensure

that the student reaches whatever those goals are and push

them to reach their full potential.

         Bailey believes the most important thing to focus on when starting out is technique. This includes elements like

breathing from the diaphragm, developing a healthy vibrato, finding your ‘mix’ voice, being able to differentiate your

head, chest and mixed voice, placement and widening your range. Bailey can both play and sing by ear and is also highly skilled in reading music. She is open to teaching either but believes it is beneficial for students to learn both. Bailey believes picking up harmonies is a good skill to have and trains students to do so in their warm-up exercises. For example, having them find individual notes in the established chord, finding different notes from the tonic note (playing a C and having them find major mediant E) and playing chords and having them differentiate whether it is a major, minor, diminished or augmented chord. When learning through sheet music, Bailey ensures the student is accurate in their notes, that the student knows the value of a note (quarter, half, dotted etc.) but also what they acknowledge on the page versus what they hear on the track. Bailey reviews all these components with the student as well as why the composer wrote the  music in such ways so that the student has strong music technicality, a skill that is important in the industry and to  composers alike.  


 Bailey was trained in piano through sheet music but naturally                                                                                                              plays strongly by ear. She has a strong understanding of           

theory and she feels it is important for her students to

understand and readily read music. A typical

class will start with students learning the basic major

scales and progressing to more complex scales such as

chromatic, augmented, diminished, minor scales and triads.

Bailey has many strategies of teaching theory to a variety of

different learners. She focuses on their learning skills to ensure

comprehension through the use of flashcards, pictures or fractions

in order for students to associate these to note value, etc. and she

strives to accommodate all her students so they can build strong

theory skills. 


 When teaching to play by ear, Bailey has her students bring in their favourite songs or pick something recommended and has them find the melody, identify the chord progression and then put the two together. For more advanced students,  they will learn to write the music on a blank staff. Bailey feels composing is a useful skill to have whether it be his or her own music or another artists’. Bailey is also skilled in transposing and believes it to be a strong skill to have for pianists wanting to play in a band or be an accompanist.





                                                                                                        It is Bailey’s desire to pass on her knowledge and understanding to

                                                                                                 hestudents so that they can become an accomplished musician. For

                                                                                                 students wishing to enter the industry, Bailey offers audition preparation

                                                                                                 and has insight on how to pursue an agent. Training with Bailey will                                                                                                           ensure the student develops a dynamic skill set that will prepare them

                                                                                                 for multiple dimensions of the industry.




Former BCI SHSM Student, Current Sheridan Student

Working with Bailey was a complete joy! She really knows what she is talking about and has a very unique teaching style. She brings the best out in everyone that she works with. I would highly recommend Bailey to anyone wanting to learn more about voice!


B.A.H, B.Ed, O.I.S.E Graduate Candidate, President of Theatre Ancaster, Director/Producer, Former Program Director for SHSM Stage and Screen, Grand Erie District School Board

Bailey Dalton is a former student of mine. After completing a well-respected post-secondary musical theatre program at Randolph Academy, she returned to her high school in a professional role to assist me in teaching the program. Bailey immediately immersed herself in her duties as a vocal director and became an invaluable member of the teaching staff. Her manner with the students was patient, always kind and yet she was able to challenge them to do their best. Students excelled under her vocal direction and most importantly gained confidence in their artistry. I am continuing to work with Bailey now in a professional capacity with adults and students and she has never disappointed me.


Randolph Graduate and Current Professional Performer

I have worked with Bailey Dalton in the facilities of vocal coach, choreographer, and fellow performer. Working with Bailey Dalton as a fellow performer is something spectacular. She has a gift and knowledge of theatre that outweighs her years. Her attention to detail as a choreographer and the flexibility in her teaching methods accommodates every performer in her shows. Her knowledge of the mechanics of the voice and how sound is produced specifically for each individual person, she is able to perfectly prepare her lesson plans and activities based on everyone’s specific needs

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