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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. Imperial Academy of Music was founded by Bailey Dalton in summer of 2019.  Bailey's goal is to educate students in music and movement to the best of her abilities through the deep-routed love of music. After teaching and being involved in various arts communities for over ten years, Bailey felt it was time to put her love for teaching and music into her own hands.  She strives to build a a space where artists feel comfortable, motivated and positive in their journey through music.

It is important at our Academy that every student be treated as an individual and taught based on their individual learning goals and needs.  We believe that the Arts is more than just learning notes and rhythms.  It is a personal and intimate practice and way of personal expression.  While teaching students the skills they need to progress as a musician or performer, we also see it crucial to get to know our students beyond music so we can push them to know and reach their goals and full potential.

Imperial Academy of Music also goes by the short form of I AM, meaning that each student is a complete individual artist.  Whether the student feels powerful, strong, quirky, whatever it may be-we take huge pride and commitment to ensure each student discovers and radiates who they are as a unique artist.

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